Third year of AVHS book club underway


Book club is a place where students can discover new books and ideas.

Mandy Wong, Senior Editor

Next Wednesday, September 30, Book Club will meet for the first time this school year. In Book Club, students have the opportunity to discover new books, share ideas, and talk to published authors.

What began as a small group of students meeting to discuss books has grown into an official club.

“By making the club official in 2018, we wanted to reach out to a larger audience and give more students an opportunity to read interesting literature,” said librarian Erik Scherer.

This audience includes everyone from students who could spend an entire day curled up with a good book to simply anyone interested in picking up an intriguing read. 

At the top of the club’s reading list is an award-winning novel published just last year that relates to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The first book we will be reading this year is Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha. It is sort of a LA noir (mystery) that looks at events like Rodney King 30 years later with BLM through the eyes of two families, a Korean family, and a black family,” said Scherer.

The club will have the special opportunity to hear directly from the book’s writer, Steph Cha.

“We will even get to speak with the author after we finish the book. It should be fun,” said Scherer.

Additional author talks are only one of the activities in store for future club meetings, which occur once a month. 

“I remember last year we had a plan for a “Murder Mystery Dinner” but for some reason, we couldn’t get it working. I think this year is the year that we find a way to do it online! It would be a fun night full of fun events!” said Book Club member Alexander Haga.

Though space is not limited in Book Club membership, students interested in joining may want to sign up as soon as possible.

“The club seems pretty popular so far. Unfortunately, the library can only purchase 5 copies of each book. Everyone else will have to find their own copy. So sign up early!” said Scherer.

To join Book Club, complete this Google form

“Books are one of the great mediums of ideas, and so joining a book club gave me exposure to many different ones,” said Haga. “Being able to see and read all sorts of books really expanded my horizons and made me a better person.”