What we know about FLEX Academy so far


Whether a student is enrolled in Hybrid or FLEX, they follow the same bell schedule.

Mandy Wong, Page Editor

 Of the three long distance learning models, Hybrid and FLEX Academy most closely mimic a typical, structured school day. Once it is deemed safe, students in the Hybrid model return to school, while those in FLEX remain online.


    Though an overwhelming majority of students chose the Hybrid model, FLEX Academy fits the needs of those who want to avoid potential exposure to Covid-19 at school.


    “I chose Flex because I wanted to stay safe and I thought if school did go back, having to follow the safety guidelines would hinder the in-person experience,” said Mason Romant (‘22).


    A major reason students desire to come back on campus is that they want to socialize like they did before. However, realistically, with the need for social distancing and wearing masks, socializing may miss the mark.


    Nonetheless, students in Hybrid can expect a typical day back on campus to be similar to the present, except no longer virtual, while the future is more muddled for students in FLEX.


    “One thing I still don’t know is what to expect and how everything will work for flex students if school resumes,” said Romant.


    After reaching out to counselors with that question, it seemed they were left in the dark as well.


    “I sure wish I could help you, but I really don’t have the answers to these questions,” said academic counselor Nicole Twohig.


    All things considered, news on Covid-19 is constantly developing, and it is challenging to make plans for a future so uncertain. Amador students have to be grateful that they had the opportunity to choose the learning model best suited to their interests.