Rapper Logic is retiring and releasing a new album


Sahana Kumar, Editor

After a long break from social media (again), Logic, the “1800” and “44 More” rapper, deleted all his posts on Instagram and posted one last pic on July 16. The cover for his latest and supposedly last album, ‘No Pressure’.

He also stated that this album would be his last and he would soon be retiring, posting the caption, “Officially announcing my retirement with the release of “No Pressure” executive produced by No I.D. July 24th… It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father”.

“I was surprised when I saw that he was retiring. I have always admired Logic ever since I learned about his rough childhood and the things he went through to get where he is today. Over the past few years Logic has gotten a lot of hate but hopefully people finally appreciate his music after he retires”, said Saif Rajabali (‘22).

Logic announced last August that he was expecting a child with his soon-to-be wife Brittney Noell, so his announcement of retirement is only somewhat surprising.

‘No Pressure’ is a sequel of sorts to Under Pressure, Logic’s first official released album which came out back in 2014. Like every Logic album cover, secret code and symbols in hidden in every nook and cranny, making the Rattpack, or Logic fans looking for any sign of his most anticipated album: Ultra 85.

Ultra 85 came out as an enigma of an album, a whisper made by the Rattpack until confirmed on a T-Shirt posted online by Logic. Since then, no major word of its release has come. But that gets me wondering… how will he retire and drop Ultra 85? Was he lying about the album all along? Or is he lying about retirement just to trip up all his fans?

Something tells fans that by deleting a majority of his posts and even further hiding away from social media, Logic may not be joking around with his retirement. He is going to be a father, after all.

“I don’t really care what happens [with his career]; it’s what he’s always done and I’m trying to sit back and enjoy the journey that he’s got ready for us,” said Aadesh Thoppae (‘20).

Logic has forever and always been an enigma of a celebrity, constantly confusing his fans one after another, but this puzzle he creates is just one more way he involves his fans into the hunt that is the true Logic.