Amador students are doing what they can to help frontline workers


JP Hunter

Simona Matsoyan (‘21) and JP Hunter (‘21) are printing the Montana Mask, which was designed by doctors and is accepted at many medical facilities.

Sonali Carumbaya, Page Editor

COVID-19 has brought a widespread fear of infection; people everywhere are self-isolating and taking whatever precautions to avoid the virus. 

However, some workers aren’t able to stay in their homes or even practice proper social distancing.

Whether it’s by driving a bus or checking out groceries, people in the frontlines put themselves in danger to help the general public. Healthcare professionals everywhere are saving lives while risking theirs in the process. 

Most Amador students (fortunately) don’t have to put their health on the line everyday, but some are taking it upon themselves to help those who do.

Simona Matsoyan (‘21) and JP Hunter (‘21) have started a fundraiser to 3D-print masks for medical workers around the country. 

“We were inspired to start the fundraiser because we wanted to try to make a difference. It’s tough to have to stay at home and know the world is experiencing chaos, so we started this in effort to make a difference even though we have to stay inside,” said Matsoyan (‘21).

This project’s goal is to help people, and that’s exactly what is being achieved. According to an update on their gofundme page, 25 masks have already been sent to a medical facility in Maryland.

Also in a mission to support frontliners, Laya Karthikeyan (‘21) has been raising money for an organization called Frontline Foods. This non-profit works to support local restaurants and deliver meals to frontline workers. 

Laya launched her fundraiser on April 15 and it has gathered quite a bit of support. So far, she has raised over two thousand dollars. 

I wanted to be able to do something for [frontliners], so I decided to start fundraising in order to help them. By providing them with a meal, it would be one less thing for them to worry about,” said Karthikeyan (‘21).

First-responders and front-line workers face the coronavirus to support society, so its incredibly important that society supports them. 

It’s really impressive that students at AVHS are recognizing these efforts and consciously contributing to this cause.