Amador students vote for the first time during last week’s Super Tuesday


Senyi Yang, Staff Writer

Super Tuesday was just last week, and while it came with many surprises and excitement, it also allowed many Amador seniors to vote in their first-ever election.

This was a really exciting and fulfilling day for many of Amador’s 18 year-olds as they participated in their first-ever eligible election.

“Basically, a few months before I turned 18, I pre-registered [to vote] and got a thing in the mail that said I was registered when I turned 18. I got a form; it was basically a scantron, with a short description of each candidate,” said Jenna Thibodeau (‘20).

While many Amador students voted by mail, a larger majority of Amador students voted by going to an in-person polling place.

“I did the touch screen voting instead of the writing, so it went really fast. I went at a time when most people were at work, so it didn’t take more than five minutes,” said Apurva Kannu (‘20).

  However, a lot of eligible Amador students still didn’t vote. Many believe that it is a long process and a major hassle in their busy lives. In addition, the somewhat hard to learn voting system adds to the difficulty.

“You either have to go to the voting precinct or mail in your ballot to vote, but you also have to figure out where you are assigned to in order to vote,” said Jazmine Ramanathan (‘20).

The website for the polling assignments doesn’t seem to register Pleasanton addresses either, adding to more time being spent in order to vote.

“I think it would be a lot easier if they could set up a way to vote online but that could lead to major problems like hacking or tampering with the results. I guess it would be easiest right now to just mail in the ballot or just drop it off,” said Ramanathan.

In short, voting is a crucial responsibility for US citizens as it allows their voice to be heard. Although rather tedious, going to the ballot to input your opinions is a great way to be involved in making change in America.

As the presidential election on Tuesday, November 3rd grows nearer, it is important for all eligible 18 year-olds to not only register but to uphold their civic duty and vote in the election.