Is this the end of the Warrior’s legacy?

Gianna Ghio, Staff Writer

For the last five consecutive years the Warriors have been the team to beat, the villains of the NBA. The Dubs made the finals five straight years and won three of those times, including back to back championships in 2017 and 2018.  

  However, this season the Warriors are a completely different team. With Kevin Durant leaving in free agency, Stephen Curry only playing 4 games due to an injury, and Klay Thompson not playing this season at all due to him tearing his ACL in game 5 of the Finals against the Raptors, the Warriors have been struggling to win games. 

    “The warriors lost their leading scorer, and their second and third leading scorers have either not played or barely played at all this season. Those are the leading contributors to their poor record this year,” said Jennie Yang (‘20)

Unfortunately, the Warriors have not been doing well this season due to many injuries and losing star players in free agency.

    The Warriors were able to sign D’Angelo Russell in free agency, but that hasn’t been able to fill the void that the three stars left.

    “Lately there have been rumors about Giannis Antetokounmpo possibly going to the Warriors in free agency. I think that him going to the Warriors along with Klay and Steph coming back from their respective injuries could turn the Warriors back into title contenders next year,” said Sydney Soares (‘20)

    The Warriors have a chance to reemerge as title contenders next season if they are able to get a star in free agency, or if they decide to draft a promising young star in this upcoming draft.

    “As long as the Warriors have Stephen Curry they’ll be ok, he is the heart and soul of the team and with him as their leader, they will continue to go far,” said Isabella Mauricio (‘21)

     Even though he hasn’t played much this year, Stephen Curry has still been contributing to his team by helping mentor the rookies so that they are developed and ready for when the Warriors become a playoff-caliber team again.