Amador Valley’s Baseball Hit-a-Thon Fundraiser

Daniel McInnis, Staff Writer

The Amador Valley “Hit-a-thon is an annual fund-raising event that takes place at the Amador Varsity baseball field in the preseason. Players were drawn from Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman squads and evenly distributed into six competitive teams that delighted onlookers with feats of power in the friendly environment of the Don’s Varsity field.

There was definitely some “pop” in the bats, even though it turned out no one put one over the fence last Saturday.  

“My favorite part of the hit-a-thon was the hitting rounds because all of the players, coaches, and audience could see me hit and I got the opportunity to show off my hitting. Also, the food was really good because there were donuts and bagels and it was all really good. The hit-a-thon was an awesome experience for me,” said Kaeden Kusterman (23’).

A few batters barely missed out when the prevailing winds knocked down some well-hit baseballs that didn’t quite clear the right-field wall.  A handful of hitters exceeded the expectation of on-lookers, who donated money based on the number of hits off of ten pitches. The best production of the day, however, was turned in by the fund-raisers themselves, who were able to accrue over $20,000 in donations for the Amador Baseball Program from the morning contest.   

Over 60 players benefited from the largesse of parents, relatives, and members of the community. The money will go to support the athletes by providing catcher’s gear, bats, and helmets for all three teams, while also adding funds for groundskeeping and maintaining the dugouts, stands and other structures on the field.