February Arts and Entertainment Favorites

Chehel Lakhwara, Staff Writer

The month of February has come and gone along with an assortment of different movies, tv shows, best-selling literature as well as award shows. Here’s a recap on some of the pop culture you might have missed this month.

The Oscar awards are by far one of the oldest awards shows hosted on American television. On February 9th this year, they hosted their 92nd academy awards. There was no set host this year but the awards were handed out by a lineup of presenters like Taika Waititi and Tom Hanks. The best picture award was handed to the new movie Parasite, while the best-animated movie was handed to Toy Story 4. See the full list of nominees and winners here.

There were a lot of new tv shows and movies out this month. Some of these included the stories of Katy Keene and The Call of the Wild. See the entire list of Netflix releases here.

“I recently rewatched The Office on Netflix. It’s hilarious and super funny. I definitely recommend it to people who haven’t watched it yet” said Kruthika Gowda (‘22).

There are many new movies that students really enjoyed as well.

“I have recently watched the movie The Irishman. I liked their comedy style and their narrative” said Gryphon Kumfert (‘22).

Anime has been on the rise lately and a lot of people including AV students have been 

adding them to their watch lists.

Gurren Lagann is a really cool anime tv show, another one is Beyond the Boundary which is really short, cute and sweet” said Isabella Allen (‘21).

This month, students also liked rereading their favorite classic books.

“I have recently reread the Harry Potter series, every time you read the series it’s a really fun experience,” said Camille DeMange (‘22).

There will be many more upcoming releases in terms of movies, tv shows, books, and music, so be sure to look forward to those in the future.