Mass Hysteria at Varsity Boys Soccer Game

Zachary Nicholas, Staff Writer

In a game between Granada High School and Amador Valley on Tuesday, February 11, a fight broke out between the two varsity soccer teams. Harsh words were spoken, punches were thrown, and Bruce Lee kicks were attempted. 

The game was dirty and both sides were going at each other throughout the match. Each side was committing cheap fouls and talking trash. It is no surprise that a fight could have broken out at any moment. 

Granada was winning 2-1 when the fighting began. Two Amador players had received red cards from the referee, so the Amador side was down two players for a good part of the game. With four minutes left in the game, two players clipped each other, and all hell broke loose.

A large mass of soccer players collided from the two sidelines. Some threw fists, while others tried their best to separate the clashing sides. The referee was forced to end the game early due to the conflict.

Some of the players were asked what their coach thought of the fight.

“He said it was an overall loss for our team; that we shouldn’t have done that, but overall not too disappointed if that’s going to happen, he is for sure going to let you defend your team”, said Charley Jetter (‘21).

Amador has had a season with ups and downs, but still has a chance at making NCS playoffs. However, it will be interesting to see what this fight means to the team moving forward. 

“Thursday we have to win to have a chance at making NCS. I don’t know if anything really is going to happen because of the fight. Hopefully not, because Thursday is our senior night” said Michael McMasters (‘20).

Amador will play the cross-town rival Foothill on Thursday, February 12. It is sure to be a great match. Let’s just hope that this game does not have a brawl.