The Diversity in The Oscars

Zachary Nicholas, Staff Writer

As seen in the graph, the highest viewership in recent memory came in 2014. This year, there was a large amount of diversity at the awards. 12 Years a Slave was the frontrunner in nominations, and Ellen DeGeneres was hosting. 

The next year, there was a drop in the number of colored nominees. What is interesting is that there was also a drop in viewership. The same can be said for 2016, as there was only 1 colored nominee and the viewership also declined. 

In 2017, there was an increase in colored nominees, but the show was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel; a straight, white male. Then, in 2018, diversity went down yet again, as did the viewership. 

But, in 2019, there was no host and a large amount of diversity and colored nominees. What was the viewership like this year? The answer; 29.6 Million. An increase from both previous years. 

What this shows is that the amount of diversity at the Academy Awards directly correlates to the viewership the ceremony receives.


Article on The Oscar’s diversity and viewership