January’s Favorites: books, television shows, and other entertainment

Chehel Lakhwara, Staff Writer

It just seems like the decade started but in reality, the month of January has already sped by in full glory. Along with the month came a collection of new books and TV-Shows, as well as award ceremonies. Here’s a recap on some of the new releases of pop culture you may have missed.

The Grammys are one of the oldest pop and entertainment awards shows out there. On January 26th, they hosted their 62nd Annual awards from CBS network in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the show, everyone paid a mournful tribute to basketball icon Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash along with his teenage daughter the same day. This made it quite different from the openings of previous Grammys.

There were many acts like Little Nax X, BTS, Lizzo and many more. It was thoroughly enjoyable and was fun to watch.

“It was nice and a little bit funny. I watched and enjoyed the performances I watched. I also agreed with a lot of votes” said Brandon Jarrett (‘21).

There were also a lot of new tv shows out this month. Some of these included The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 and The Stranger. See the full list here.

“Mainly I’ve been watching You which is about a serial killer. I also watched a tv show called Shameless which about this sister taking care of seven children because her parents abandon them. It’s a pretty good show, I highly recommend” said Andrew Homes (‘20).

Students also recommended some books which are worthwhile reading and enjoyable.

“One book I’ve been reading is called Pandora’s Lab and it is about seven stories of science gone wrong and by Paul A. Offit. I like it because it talks about how discoveries that were meant to be good were actually bad for us. It was really interesting” said Janani Prasad (‘23).

There were also some new books which were adapted from movies.

“I currently read the Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy, I personally think that the book is better than the movie adaption. There is a lot of stuff that was missing in the movie that the book clearly illustrated,” said Homes (‘20).

There will be many more new releases in terms of books and shows soon so be on a lookout for those!