Tips for Finals

Lindsay Gewirtz, Staff Writer

Finals are coming up very soon and it is important to study so you can be more prepared and less stressed. Students around Amador have different ways to study that increase how prepared they are and could help others to get ready.

“I use Quizlet or flashcards but I also like to get help from my brother. We always ask each other questions about different parts of our subjects. Other than that, I like to go over all of my notes and make sure they are in places where I can just re read over them,” said Talya Perelli-Minetti (‘22).

Other methods, like setting personalized schedules and knowing what needs to be reviewed, can also be very helpful.

“I set out goals for myself. Knowing my schedule I’ll be like I can do 30 minutes of this subject this day and then escalate it as you get closer to finals. I go through all of my notes and go over everything so I can see what I’m bad and and make worksheets for myself,” said Kris Kiyoi (‘21).

Sometimes, all it takes is studying with other people around to help each other out.

“I like to study in groups. That way if I have any questions I can ask other people and see their study methods too like what works for them,” said Mariah Coolridge (‘20).

However, as important as studying and preparing is, it is more important to stay relaxed and find ways to destress leading up to and during finals week. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and finding ways to unwind can be just as crucial as studying.

“Knowing that taking a break is good to refresh your brain is very important. I know there’s a lot of stigma that more studying is better but that’s not always the case because you can burn yourself out easily,” said Kiyoi.

Taking breaks and making sure they can actually help is the best way to keep stress levels low so you can study longer and feel more ready going into the tests.

“Even though it may seem unnecessary, taking breaks can help you stay motivated so that you can study longer,” said Coolidge.