Harvest Dance

Emma Hodges, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

Every year, Amador hosts the Harvest Dance for special needs students here and from other schools across the TriValley. Leadership helps set up this amazing opportunity by contributing a student DJ, food, and decorations. 

“The purpose of the dance gives special needs students a chance to congregate together and listen to music and dance, and a lot of them use it as a form of their therapy,” said aid Cris Byers. 

Students are able to get together with peers from other schools around the area throughout many given times during the year. While Amador has hosted the Harvest Dance for many years, there are many other dances held among other schools. 

“Each dance that we go to usually has a different theme and is held at a different time of the year to celebrate the different seasons. Each Leadership class does a great job at preparing decorations and putting on a good time for the kids to make their time enjoyable,” said Byers.  

As always, Leaderships always puts in lots of time and dedication in order to make events special for all students. Everyone in the class had their own individual task to prepare for the dance in order to make sure it was remembered. 

“We hold the harvest dance because homecoming is hard for the special needs kids to participate in so we wanted to make them feel included and do something special for them as well,” said Emma Baer (‘23)

The dance was hosted in the small gym this year with lots of food, lights, music, and participation from students. Students were seen dancing, eating, and spending time with peers and overall enjoying the special occasion. 

“Events like these show how Amador is inclusive and spreads joy among all of its students, and provides a fun experience for everyone,” said Brooke Inman (‘22).