Update on the Santa Rita Parking Situation


Matthew Kim, Staff Writer

Despite original plans of a smooth opening for the new Santa Rita lot, there have been multiple complaints reported regarding the new lot. Although the parking lot was reopened on schedule this Tuesday, many students have reported incomplete numbers on the parking spots, an inaccurate parking lot map, and confusion regarding the administering of spots to students. 

With the new arising complications many students are worried about the current parking lot situation and the new changes that have arisen. 

“I went during brunch to get a similar spot (with a friend) but it was random and I got a spot far away and not near my friend. The spots are kinda tight. They gave my friend a spot that is completely opposite of mine and they gave him 378 and they had to re raffle as that wasn’t even a spot. The school’s messing things up,” said Arjun Khetrapal (‘20).

Although the parking lot recently reopened construction of the actual solar panels will still continue into 2019. Project manager Micheal Rice, who has communicated with the vendor, confirmed that the solar panels should be functional with power and all by January to February 2020.  

These solar panels will reap great renewable energy resources helping turn Amador into a school for the next generation while saving large sums of money for the school in the long run.  

“Solar panels are a greener source of energy and are renewable, providing better energy to the environment. Is the tradeoff worth it for the amount of time it took? In the short term I don’t think it was worth it as we could have used the money for a new gym but in the long term I think it was worth it, ” said Thomas Lim (‘21).  

With the many problems arising with the reopening of the parking lot, many are fed up with the parking lot situation and are hopeful that the school will work out the complications as soon as possible. On the bright side, the solar panels are projected to be up and running in the coming months bringing many benefits to Amador.