California Shakeout at Amador


Lucy Dou, Page Editor

Yesterday, Amador Valley High School participated in the 2019 California Shakeout earthquake drill after second period. Students experienced a five minute drop, cover and hold on drill before gathering on the football field. 

Many felt that this was an especially important drill in light of the number of recent earthquakes that California has experienced.

“I felt this earthquake drill is really important, especially after we experienced the earthquake this Monday. As we know, we live in California, so it’s really necessary to know about and keep fresh memory about what to do after earthquake,” said Helen Chen (‘20). 

However, some students feel that it’s not enough.

“In my opinion, this drill is important and necessary to have. And I think we should have it frequently. I will say, except earthquake drill, we should have more information sessions tell about how to keep safety when earthquake is coming, like what should we do if we are outside or at home,” said Lynn Chen (‘20).

Interestingly, today was also an important anniversary.

“I think it’s a good way to practice so that during the real earthquake we know what to do. Today is also the anniversary of 1989 earthquake. It is a good way to remember that,” said Yuki Yang (21)

It’s important for everyone to prepare well and know how to deal with earthquake when it’s coming. It’s pretty necessary to keep an earthquake emergency kit at home. 

For more information about what to do during earthquake, check this out!