Amador’s Job Fair

Lucy Dou, Page Editor

Last Wednesday, Amador held the annual job & career fair on campus. Lists of local employers came to Amador, seeking potential employees, including the City of Pleasanton, San Francisco Premium Outlets, In-n-out and Walmart. 

This provides students a great chance to take a look at the jobs that are providing right now and trying to get one if they need. 

As it’s the last year of high school and they will step into society soon, a lot of Amador seniors who are facing post high school planning chose to participate. 

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for high schoolers to know what jobs are here that are wanting for hiring. I think it’s really an opportunity for people to have easy access to these opportunities, especially high school students. I was definitely able to see what kind of jobs are out there that you can get hired as a high school student, so I think it’s a really useful information for people who have no idea what they want to do,” said Lynn Chen (‘20). 

Other classes also enjoyed this event on campus. 

“I think this event is good to help those students who need a job or interested in getting a job. As all the employers are from local business, it’s easy for students to work there and maintain their academic situation while working. And even though you don’t plan to get a job, it’s get to know about the price details and enjoy some free candy,” said Yuki Yang (‘21). 

Students also have some advice and comments. 

“I think the kinds of jobs that are a little bit limited, so for some students like me, who are interested to go into the medical field, it actually didn’t help a lot for our post high school planning. But I think for people who really have no idea, to have a job fair it’s a good way for them to get a portend job and to try out their interests,” said Lynn Chen (‘20). 

If you would like to learn more about post high school planning and career planning, Amador counseling website is a good resource. You can find out information about job opportunities and scholarships. 

Amador College and Career specialists will also be going into all health classes and presenting to freshmen students about careers, including future career options and informed decision-making.

And, don’t forget, Tri-Valley College & Career Fair is Oct. 21 at Dublin high school. Feel free to check it out!