Dalynn Miller, AV’s talented singer and songwriter

Rut Bansal, Bella Mayo, and Trisha Khattar

With over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 1,713 subscribers on Youtube, Amador student, verified artist, and outstanding lyricist Dalynn Miller (‘21) continues to demonstrate that talent and success know no age. 

Dalynn’s relatable lyrics and unique style have reached a broad audience across America, from Los Angeles to Chicago. 

“I think it’s really surreal that people listen to things I make in my bedroom…because, when I originally recorded my first song, I didn’t actually intend for anyone to hear it except for my friends,” said Dalynn.

Dalynn’s most notable songs include “it rains in nyc,” “thrifted youth,” and “all i ever wanted was u.” But she hasn’t accomplished this alone; her friends and family have consistently supported her passion for music and her desire to do something different. 

“My family has been really encouraging and they help make sure that I have what I need, like a mic or an interface, which is really nice of them,” said Dalynn, laughing. “It’s been really great that throughout my life they’ve always supported my musical talent.” 

Dalynn’s friends have also done a lot to support her. Yash Deshmukh (‘21), has helped Dalynn produce some of her songs, including “Butterfly,” and is currently working with Dalynn on an EP. As her long-time friend, Deshmuckh says that it made sense for them to exchange music and for quality music to come out of it. 

“[Her music] is different from what I usually produce, but she’s really talented and it’s fun to bounce ideas off of her,” said Deshmukh, when asked about how he felt working with Dalynn. 

Katelyn Donn (‘21), another close friend of Dalynn’s, has also supported her pursuit of music. She was even featured in Dalynn’s music video for Thrifted Youth. 

“It was really nice to see her putting so much work and effort into something that she wanted to produce by herself,” said Donn. 

 Donn also described Dalynn as being very open to hearing feedback and ideas — another reason why she has become so successful at such a young age.  

“I think she comes to a lot of her friends and asks them what they think because she doesn’t want to hear just ‘oh it’s great.’ She wants to hear actual opinions,” said Donn. 

Many students at Amador listen to and enjoy Dalynn’s music.   

“I think part of why Dalynn’s music has so many listeners is that her lyrics really speak to teens and the frustrations they experience. They’re also just straight up bops,” said Nina Moothedath (‘21).

This year, Dalynn aims to put out the album she has been working on with Yash.  “I write all the time, so hopefully, within the next year, I’ll have an album out,” she said. 

Overall, Dalynn’s incredible hard work and insightful lyrics are what make her stand out as an artist. Be sure to check out her Youtube channel and Soundcloud below and be on the lookout for new music coming soon!