Kannon Dote gets public support from Jimmy Garoppolo


Brett Severance, Staff Writer

During the first week of school, Kannon Dote, Amador football team’s starting quarterback, received a supporting video from Jimmy Garoppolo.

Jimmy Garoppolo, the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers and arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, sent Kannon a near 20 second video wishing him luck for his upcoming season and game against Antioch. 

Jimmy sent Kannon the video due to the fact that they both dealt with season ending ACL tears early on in both of their previous seasons. 

“When Jimmy Garoppolo sent me the video I felt shocked and amazed that the starting QB for the Niners had sent me a message. Also, it felt great to have someone who had been through the same process as I had and to have him giving me words of encouragement,” said Kannon Dote (‘20)

Kannon, who started and lead the team to victory against Antioch, was beyond happy when he got the video.  His emotions were running high from the time he got the video until the very last snap of the game. 

“With his words of encouragement I was a little nervous but, but I was also much more fired up for the season opener, which influenced me to play better,” said Dote.

Kannon wasn’t  the only person who was affected by the video that was sent to him. Erik Tomonari, a best friend and teammate to Kannon, said that even though the video wasn’t even directed at him, he was fired up to play.

“I was with Kannon when he received his video from the goat Jimmy G, and let me tell you, I was so jealous. I have been a fan of Jimmy since he was traded from the Patriots. The moment Jimmy G pulled a miraculous win against the Chicago Bears, I knew we had the next Joe Montana or Tom Brady on our team. So when Kannon received the video of Jimmy wishing him luck against Antioch, it not only motivated him but also inspired me to perform at my peak,” said Erik Tomonari (‘20). 

Since the video was sent to Kannon, Amador’s football team has gone 2-2. Starting off with two victories that were led by Kannon, but were followed by two heartbreaking losses. With Kannon’s help from Jimmy G, the Amador team plans on closing out the season with only victories.

“I have been a Jimmy G fan ever since he joined the 49ers because he was on the Patriots and I couldn’t root for him then. I think it’s pretty insane that Kannon got that video from him because it’s a huge deal in the football community. I’m sure Kannon felt this but if I had gotten that video, I would have the most stress to perform the best as possible just to ensure that I don’t let him down,” said Derek Nassar (21’). 

It’s clear that so far, Kannon has used Garoppolo’s message as a motivator to push himself and his team to victory. Hopefully this elation does not dwindle and Kannon and the Amador Dons will continue to be victorious throughout their season.