Students Evacuate To Field During Lunch


Elizabeth Kostalnick

Students were evacuated to the field after the fire alarm was pulled during lunch.

Elizabeth Kostalnick, Podcast Editor

At around 1:15 PM today (Wednesday, May 15), the fire alarm on the north side of the boy’s locker room was pulled and students were evacuated to the football field.

When the fire alarm was pulled, AP testing was going on in the small gym.

The AP Macroeconomic students were told to put their pencils down.  Then they were evacuated to an area separate from the rest of the students.  They did not have access to their electronics, phones, or backpacks.

Interim Principal Namarta Grewal sent an email to the teachers explaining what happened. 

“The Fire Department was in the vicinity and heard our alarm, so they checked the area and cleared our campus to end the evacuation. College Board has been called, and students taking the AP Macro exam will be provided additional time without any detrimental impact on their exams,” said Grewal.

Elizabeth Kostalnick

Since students are not in a class during lunch, teachers and students have been instructed to line up according to the last class they had, which was 3rd period.

Students who were not taking the AP Macroeconomic exam were out eating lunch. When the alarm sounded, they were instructed to go to the field. They were then instructed to find their 3rd period class for roll call.

After the fire department gave the all-clear, students went to their 5th-period classes. 

The AP Macroeconomic students went back to the gym to finish taking their exams. Administrators will submit an incident report along with the exams.