New Airpods Set to Release in 2020


Chehel Lakhwara, Staff Writer

Apple is rumored to release AirPods 3 around the end of 2019 or the starting of 2020, and honestly we aren’t surprised.

Currently, 64% of all Americans own apple devices, and the majority are teens using iPhones (82%).

Apple’s been pretty successful with its releases, selling 63 million iPhone Xs, 7 million iPhone XSs, and the iPhone XR, claiming 37% of the market. Let’s not forget the whopping 16 million AirPods sold last year. Studies show that they are the second-best selling apple product in the span of two years.

“We believe that there is a greater likelihood of legacy iPhone users buying AirPods than upgrading to new iPhone models,” said Ming Chi Kuo of TF international securities. So, now, the AirPods seem to take up more of the apple market.

The new AirPods are rumored to have noise cancellation features as their primary component. There is also talk about a release of a new black-colored version of AirPods, along with the white ones.

Sources also say that they will be waterproof, so rain won’t be a problem. The new earbuds will also offer better sound and audio quality and an increased quality of bass sounds. Along with that, future AirPods are rumored to have bio-metric sensors that  have a health monitoring features as well, which could determine heart rate and fitness.

When the AirPods was first released in 2016, it faced some skepticism due to its price and revolutionary shape. However, ”the accessory is now vital to Apple’s future,” according to Tim Bajarin, a longtime Apple analyst and president of Creative Strategies, Inc. Airpods sales have helped boost Apple’s wearable segment, which as increased revenue to 10 billion dollars

AirPods have proved to be a big success in the digital world and have become quite a popular product in Apple, so Airpods 3 might hit the mark too.