The importance of art /creative classes

Julia Cornwell, Staff Writer

Art classes are commonly seen as either unnecessary and replaced with more standardized tests and courses.

However, it is important for students to be able to learn how to express their creativity in the form that works best for them. Art classes give them the opportunity to find it.

Creative expression allows the pupil to expand their thinking and challenge themselves in new ways. Whether it being drama, painting, ceramics, or music, it grants a different learning environment rather than solely sitting in a desk with pen and paper.

Taking a variety of classes in the arts field expands your career options as well. Everything we do includes a fraction of creative skill that we can propel by taking the arts.

Theses art classes are valuable because now that it is becoming more acceptable to pursue art/film/etc. rather than math and sciences.

“I think that art as a class is important to take because it really broadens your view on how to observe the world. When you take art you start seeing things differently. You just start observing colors a little more, noticing shapes a little more. You just start visualizing things in ways that you wouldn’t usually do if you didn’t take art class because the real world is the real world, ultimately and if you really try you can see everything into shapes. You visualize things in a way that you couldn’t before,” said Ito Gillis (‘19).

Although it is reasonable for others to protest, it is evident that 21st century careers will have a shift into more artistic focuses. This will be the generation of new findings and a fraction of so includes the change of career path options.