21st century tech skills that will help you get jobs in the future


Lilou Sicard-Noel, Staff Writer

The 21st century is an area of time where technology evolves fast and around us. Those changes are made by skilled designers who learn skills that were important to society back then.

Today, the new generation of high school and college students are learning different things to create a journey of their own.

One of the most important skills than the future employers will look for is the capacity of programming. 

“I want to work at any place for video game development or animation. In order to pursue game development, I have to finish up my coding work,” said Julia Thomas (‘20).

The key is to find different ways to make the code language more effective so that there are new possibilities for us. This idea needs to be developed by people with new ideas and a good sense of logic.

In this century, young adults have grown in an area full of computer, tablet, video game, and television. Some of them have developed a curiosity on how those objects work.

This curiosity is researched because it will bring knowledge of the whole structure of those produces. So, it could lead to an amelioration of the capacity offered by the actual market.

Also, the capacity of learning by yourself is cherished by many employers and employees. This particular skill has been developed considerably since the begging of the century with websites like Khan Academy.

On a more personal way,  patience and a capacity to work in a team will be offering the quality researched by the recruiters of the important tech company.

“(I would be a good candidate because) I’m extremely creative, I can write dialogue, storyline, plot line, world-building,” said Thomas.

New ideas often come in teamwork. The best idea in the world can be changed for the best by other’s ideas.

Those ideas are important in any places. It could be in a high tech company of game design, or by conceiving a virtual reality that would be more “real” to help students who can’t go to school, or creating the next revolutionary produce that could cure people through technology.