Donversity Short Recap

Milli Patel, Staff Writer

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Donversity is a time at Amador where we celebrate the diversity and different cultures at our school. Amador is full of people from all over the world and activities students participated in this week showed just how diverse our school is.

  Throughout the week, students could check out the I AMador Art Gallery in the library, which was put together by students around campus.

On Monday, a student and teacher flash mob took place during lunch to show diversity in our staff members and students.

On Tuesday, student took part in Speak Your Language day, where they spoke in their other languages throughout the day to show diversity through the many dialects spoken at our school.

On Wednesday, different clubs put together a club fair where students could learn about different clubs on campus and buy various food items and spiritwear.

On Thursday, GSA did face painting for students to raise awareness around campus.

Finally, Friday was the rally. In their 4th period classes, students attended the rally, which celebrated our diverse campus and student body.

Throughout Donversity week, many juniors and seniors felt the experience was different than it was in past years.

“I feel like this year, there have been a lot more activities and awareness of Donversity than in previous years,” said Sophie Judge (‘20).

Each day had something different to offer for the students and that made it feel like a bigger event than Donversity has in the past.

Radhika Patel (‘19) said, “It really felt like the leadership and Donversity team put in a lot more effort this year,” said Radhika Patel (‘19). 

Overall, students really loved Donversity week this year because it was more hands-on and there were more activities than there were in the past. It was nice to see everyone come together and celebrate our diverse student body.


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