AV Car Show


Julian Koste, Staff Writer

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On Friday the 22nd, Leadership unveiled the Amador Car show. In collaboration with a local car dealership, several students participated and competed in seeing which car would be judged the best from Amador students. The car show was to attract people to more school activities and raise money for the school.

The car show had over a dozen participants, each with their own car to show. From your average student car, to large trucks and impressive sports cars.

Gabriel Falcione (’21) brought a Honda Pilot, and declared his chance of winning to be one hundred percent.

Matthew Smith (’21), on the other hand, brought a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, and said he didn’t have that much of a chance at winning.

“It’s a bit of a beater, and it’s not much to look at, but it might make its place on the list, at least,” said Smith.

The Leadership student in charge of the event was ready to have the show.

“Out of all the tasks in leadership, the car show definitely excited me the most because I had a lot of fun last year when I went, and I got to see all the different cars. We’ve contacted good guys, and all the cars are pretty good, too,” said Drew Homes (’21), a member of leadership who helped organize the event

It was raining pretty heavily during the car show, which some of the staff of the show said would be a problem. Drew commented on the fact that the weather was one of the things that he considered was going wrong.

This was Amador’s Second Annual Car Show, and more to come!