Donversity Week Starts Off Great

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Donversity Week Starts Off Great

Chandni Prabhu, Staff Writer

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Donversity week kicked off on Monday with a Flash Mob of  teachers and students during lunch.

The theme of the Flash Mob was “unity in diversity” and it was designed to celebrate Amador being a very diverse campus.

“Student and teachers dancing together symbolized togetherness. That made me feel like I could connect with my teachers on a personal level,” said Sara Sanguinetti (‘19).

The Flash Mob was organized by Samara Ayoob-Ahmad (’19) and it was choreographed by Abby Smith.

“The committee really wanted to see a flashmob this year for Donversity Week, so I decided to put one together with teachers and students. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked out. Special thanks to Abby Smith for the choreography,” said Samara.

Students also had the opportunity to take a glance at the Donversity Art Gallery which opened on Monday in AV Library Lab rooms A & B. It will be open to students, teachers, and classes all week.

The art gallery is also open after school from 3:00-4:15 for students and parents who want to come and see the exhibits.

The art gallery displays various artifacts created by students. It is an exceptional show since many different talents are being displayed.

The art at the gallery followed a theme of self-identity and overall diversity here at Amador.


Students are able to get an opportunity to view the great work of their peers and be appreciative about it.

This gallery walk has been an eye opener to many students since they were astonished to see the amount of talent fellow students have.

The art show has served as a huge platform for recognizing the talents of Amador students.

Many artworks were displayed along with videos and music played by students.

While there were many canvases displaying artistic creations, one can also see pieces put together by some talented photographers. This was one of the many things to prove how diverse the school is.

Students say that this particular experience was both mesmerizing and imformative for them. They got to understand the diverse ideas and also the common grounds that they have with their peers.

Many students enjoyed looking at the art created by their peers.

“I saw several art works put up in the show that were similar to the ones I do. I was happy to see that several other people have done the same thing as me,” Rachana Baskar (‘19).

Anyone who takes a glance around the gallery is assured to get a sense of the different ideas and collaborative efforts found around campus.

This art show is a sample of the varied creativity and also a visual treat for its viewers which makes it worth taking a look.


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