Assassin’s Game 2019

Julian Koste, Staff Writer

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Right now, the assassin’s game between the seniors is raging. Around Pleasanton, casualties are piling up as more daring assassins search for their targets. Historically, the game has been going on for multiple decades. Mr. Fuller, now retired Amador teacher was made aware of the game back in the nineties.

Some of the problems I witnessed with the game were although rules were set in place to protect participants and their families from actual physical harm- several participants each year didn’t honor the rules and caused everyone to look bad,” He said.

On the subject of the potential dangers of the game, Mr. Fuller also said, “Some [participants] have fallen off roofs in pursuit or trying to escape. Younger siblings have been caught in the fire–frightening them and in a few instances causing injury.”

When Mr. Fuller was a student at Amador, it hadn’t started. Some time in the 90’s was when he became aware of it, and since then, it has become a tradition here at Amador.

Students use nerf guns during the game to shoot their targets.

Seniors had different opinions about the game this year.

“It’s a fun thing to do your senior year, when the rules are good,” said Ian Randoni (’19), “This year, the rules were a little shaky.”

“I’ve heard about it since I was a kid. It’s been going on for a while, and it’s really a way to get the class to unite, in a way,” said Matthew Bessiere (’19).

Matthew was so dedicated to the game that he even tailed someone to Danville just to assassinate them. Because of the no touching property rule, he also experienced an illegitimate shot due to touching his target’s car when he fired his nerf gun. “People can be sticklers for the rules,” He said.

Another one of the rules that has been implemented in past years is nerf guns can not show in your car while on school campus. Many people broke this, causing several disqualifications from the game. 

It seems that since Mr. Fuller was here at Amador, the major difference is that most care more about following the rules. None spoke about any younger siblings in the crossfire, and it is especially clear that the rules are being taken very seriously this year. We can all sincerely hope that nobody else will jump off a roof in order to escape the wrath of their assassin.

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