Mock Trial Hopes to Make State After Moving on to Finals

Yezzen Alrawi, Staff Writer

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Amador Valley’s own Mock Trials team has competed in the preliminary rounds of Alameda County’s competition. They compete in performing simulated trials using a case. They are split into two teams who act as prosecution and defense. The case is then tried and decided on by a judge.

“You’re scored on your direct examination, cross examinations, pre-trial argument, closing statement and opening argument, as well as the clerk and bailiff. And based on those scores is how you win,” said Aayush Singh(‘18) who acted as attorney.

Mock Trials is an organization dedicated to teaching aspiring law students about real court suits. These students have an excellent head start in their law careers and will perform very well in any future law profession.

Of course, the team is also backed by amazing staff and helpers that assist the competitors.

“This year has a lot of new members and they have really risen to the level of excellence. We are led by three different attorney coaches that voluntarily come every Wednesday night to help the students prepare and become more realistic lawyers and witnesses,” said Mock Trials teacher and AV history teacher, Mrs. Wohlgemuth.

This month, they won all four rounds and moved onto the semi-finals and tonight they will be competing in finals in the Alameda County Rene Davidson Superior Courthouse in Oakland at 6 pm. All trials are open to the public, so come and support Amador’s team!

“I am so proud of how hard they work individually and then come together as a team to perform as a unit in competition. We have seen some very strong schools and have come out on top each time. Let’s hope we can qualify for state by beating Moreau Catholic Thursday night,” said Mrs. Wohlgemuth.

These students have put in a lot of effort for this and any admiration towards them will be greatly appreciated.

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