Principal Solorzano takes a leave of absence (but students want him left alone)

Maddie Dutra, Amadon EIC

Wednesday morning, AV teachers were called to a special meeting by PUSD district officials to receive the announcement that Principal Solorzano is taking a personal leave of absence.

As soon as the meeting was over, Amador students and parents received an email from former AV Principal Mike Williams explaining that he would be back on the AV campus during Solorzano’s absence to support the school.

I am excited to return to Amador to support our administrative team, staff, and students during this time. Together, we will be working to ensure that our day to day learning experience remains intact,” said Williams in the email.

Although students were not given much information in the initial email, the students we interviewed liked Solorzano and think he’s been a good addition to the AV environment.

“I think he’s been a pretty great principal, and I particularly like the changes he’s made at school. I appreciate how he’s allowed students to have more time with themselves especially with mental health week. I feel that it’s important that he’s bringing awareness to these issues and trying to alleviate the problem of students,” said Vivien Song (’21).

Students were also adamant that whatever he is going through should be a personal and private matter left for Solorzano to deal with, and felt he has the right to take the time he needs off.

“I don’t know why he left, but I also don’t think we have a right to know why he left, because sometimes something happens and you just have to go to deal with it,” said Ann Li (‘20).

“I was able to interview him as a school reporter at the start of the year and he spoke all about helping improve students mental health and how he wanted to find ways to help finally improve the school campus. He always remembered me when he saw me later in the hallway and I think he was very kind,” said Jazmine Ramanathan (‘20).

“I love him and I hope people can leave him and his family alone,” added Ramanathan.

School district officials were unable to expand on the information that was given to students, teachers, and parents.

“Initially it [the request for leave] was for 2 weeks. But with any leave [you can extend it], and all employees have a right to do that. But if there’s additional information that comes to us, and it’s something that we can share, we’ll definitely keep the school informed,” said PUSD Superintendent Dr. David Haglund.