The 2019 Amador Career Fair was a Success!!

Milli Patel and Nidhi Patel

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On Friday February 15, Amador hosted a career fair for students in order to help them explore possible career options for the future. The event lasted all day, and students were able to visit the fair during their math classes. The booths ranged from healthcare to NASA to the Navy to water resource management. Many students found this event beneficial in helping them decide what they want to pursue for the rest of their lives.

When asked about what the fair had to offer, Sage Baker (‘20) said, “There are many opportunities for people who don’t know what to be in the future.” Baker was excited about all of the different types of careers possibilities.

Other students were impressed with how much information each booth had to offer.

Delaney Vance (‘20) explained, “They had a lot of information about not just what interests you, but on salary and retirement.”

 Even the workers were excited about this amazing event, as it had information that students couldn’t know or find otherwise.

“When most people think of the Navy, they assume we help with the military, which we do, but we are more humanitarian-based. We have a medical program, a dental program, and law enforcement program. We cover a wide variety of careers and even pay for college,” said a Navy representative.

In order for this event to be successful, it took a lot of planning and researching. Linzee Alcaide (‘19) was in charge of planning and executing the career fair. When describing how she put the fair together, she said, “We contacted people who previously have come, and we looked at our interest lists. We looked at careers that haven’t been filled or represented yet ”.

Overall, this career fair was the perfect opportunity for students to see how their interests and passions can lead them to have a successful career!


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