Amador Live

Sarah Banholzer, Staff Writer

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Amador’s drama class brought in the laughs this past friday with their performance of Amador Valley Live. This comedy show consisted of short skits and sketches from Amador’s own drama students. Amador Live was a free show but was in partnership with Mr. Amador and was asking for donations toward the George Mark Children’s House.

Amador’s drama class has been working towards this performance for months now and the show was met with an abundance of laughs and applause from the audience.

“My favorite skit was the one with the airplane boarding and how there were so many classes to board before the B group. My favorite ‘class’ was the Large Children Flying with Small Parents. It was super funny and a great opening skit,” said Danielle Caccamo (21’).

The process of creating these exuberant skits starts with the drama students searching through past SNL and Studio C skits and forming a list to recreate. They narrow down the list until they have around twelve skits to perform.

After rehearsing for months, the students were ready to perform for an audience. The students’ liveliness and dramatization emanated towards the crowd and the response was nothing but positive.

While some skits had odes to Amador life, others were recognizable as popular skits from television sitcoms and comedy shows.

“My favorite skit to perform in was Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, I want it that way. That was a fun skit and I got to sing in it. I had a lot of fun in that one,” said Michael Steele (20’).

The actors and actresses in Amador Live put dedication and hard work into the show and it clearly showed in their performance.

“I thoroughly enjoyed performing in Amador Valley Live. We put a lot of work into these skits. It’s just a lot of fun getting to see all this work pay off and especially when the audience is really into the show and having a lot of laughs with the skits. We feed off their energy, so when they’re laughing it makes the show better for everyone, so it’s really fun,” said Steele.

This was Amador Live’s fifth year, and from the excitement of the performers and the enthusiasm from the audience, Amador Live is suspected to live on for many years to come.

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