The Government Reopens

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The Government Reopens




Linzee Alcaide, Page Editor

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After thirty-five days of intense chaos and anger, President Trump has conceded to the people’s outrage and agreed to a temporary reopening of the United States Government with no money for his border wall.

The past thirty-five

days have been filled with lots of anxiety for the more than 800,000 federal employees who were not paid two consecutive paychecks, many turning to pawning off possessions to make house payments and cover basic necessities.

The shutdown caused lots of backup as airport TSA and air traffic controllers began not showing up to work causing major airport delays, FDA safety inspections were put on hold potentially allowing harmful foods or drugs to be put into the market without proper inspection, the IRS became unable to process tax refunds, and much more.

Many Americans across the country protested the shutdown.

“I believe that the government reopening is good, however, because of Trump’s actions the government is behind in many things that could hurt the people” explained Eva von Sichart (‘21)

The government is set to remain open through to February 15th, at which Trump has declared, “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either shut down on February 15th, again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency.”

His terms of addressing this include potentially declaring a national emergency in order to circumvent Congress and use the military to build the wall.

“I think that this is going to help with getting paychecks sent out, but that the Gov’t will shut down again soon. While this may be a short term fix, the question is, is it sustainable?” shares Trent Moca (‘19).

News channels across the nation broke the news of the end of the gov’t shutdown.

The re-opening of the government is a major victory for Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has kept the Democratic majority House unified throughout the shutdown. The deal does give Trump a chance for his wall however, creating a bipartisan bicameral committee aimed to negotiate an agreement on border security.


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The Government Reopens