Ice Skating Around Pleasanton

Sheree Bishop, Page Editor

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The holidays are here, and Pleasanton has brought the Christmas spirit into full swing. From public decorations all over downtown to the Holiday Parade, people are doing all sorts of activities to get into the Christmas spirit. One popular activity to do during the holidays is ice skating. People skate year round, but ice skating has a special significance as a fun activity to do with loved ones during the holidays.

“I love when it really starts to look like the holidays downtown. People put up decorations and all the stores are selling stuff to get people ready for the holidays. It’s super exciting,” said Lacy Modlin (‘19).

Students have fun out on the ice rink with friends.

There are a few popular ice rinks near Pleasanton, like Dublin Iceland and Tri-Valley Ice in Livermore. Both are open for public skating and allow people to host birthday parties. Tri-Valley Ice has hockey leagues for all ages, so that anyone interested in the fast-paced and fun sport can participate. Dublin Iceland offers lessons on how to skate for those interested in picking up a fun hobby.

“I think ice skating can get you in the Christmas spirit, every time I skate I think of New York [during the holidays], and I think also Christmas involves a bunch of cold things and that’s just part of that culture,” said Hailey Maldonado (‘19)

Ice skating is a great way to celebrate the holiday season! Check out the rinks around Pleasanton for some holiday fun!

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