How AV teachers modernize the classroom


Maddie Dutra

One of the newer assignments tech-savy students can get into is developing their own podcasts based around a book.

We have come a long way from teachers using chalk and a blackboard to teach their students. Teachers at Amador have been modernizing their classrooms in a number of different ways. From group projects to teaching the curriculum, technology assists teachers in making their classrooms up to date with the twenty-first century.

Amador teachers have begun experimenting with different technological medians to teach their classes. One technological advance in the classroom has been the introduction of podcasts. Instead of constantly lecturing to their students, teachers will sometimes have their students listen to podcasts to learn the material, adding a change of pace to the class.

“My ninth grade students this year made a children’s story podcast after we finished reading Warriors Don’t Cry. It was an exciting way to look at their creativity in a way that a multiple choice test or an essay could not,” said AV English teacher, Mrs. Kamali.

Teachers have also begun having their students use more technology in the classroom. With a number of ChromeBook carts moving around the Amador campus, teachers are able to have their students utilize these ChromeBooks in different ways.

“I enjoy [using Chromebooks in the classroom] because it gives the student a number of possibilities to be assessed. A number of different edits can occur and it shows their creative side with using the Chromebooks. Obviously, with group research, it’s extremely helpful to have the Chromebooks to be passed around from teacher to teacher so that we can have research-based projects occur in the classroom themselves,” said AP Psychology and U.S. History teacher, Mr. Bower.

With so many technological advances in the world today and the growing number of tech companies in the U.S., it is now more important than ever for students to have the ability to use technology in the classroom.

Modernizing the classroom keeps both the material interesting and relevant, not just for the student but for the teacher as well. If [teachers] are not willing to evolve to keep their lessons relevant to our society and the technological advances that are available to us, the subject and the material becomes boring.” said AV Computer Science teacher, Mr. Kiyoi.

Math classes are even evolving in ways to add more technology into classes. Math students are now able to use a program called Desmos, on their phones or computers, to graph functions and see how they change under different circumstances. Another program used by math classes is Logger Pro, which allows you to graph data from videos.

Students seem to enjoy using technology in the classroom because of its usefulness in group projects and its move away from traditional teaching.

It seems that Amador teachers are keeping up with the times by modernizing their classes with technological advances that will benefit both the teachers and the students.