AV takes on a Binventory


Savana Sadler, Staff Writer

Here at Amador we will be starting a new garbage bin program to try and limit the waste that go to landfills. For the last year Lauren Londoño (‘19) and Megan Sloan (‘21) have been working on a plan to do just that, and it is called a Binventory.

Essentially, a Binventory is the counting of all the bins on campus. The Leadership class went around Amador with a map marking where all the recycling and trash bins are located.

This process was necessary for Amador to do because of a new recycling ordinance issued by the MRO which created a policy change in our district. In order to have compost and recycling bins on campus second semester, they have to follow a specific protocol to find out which bins are needed on campus. To do this, Londoño had to do a waste audit, meaning her and her team had to count and dig through all the trash. They also had to do a bin inventory to see how many bins we have on campus, and from what Amador already has, we can find out how many new bins we can get.

Through the Binventory, we hope to get new trash, compost, and recycling bins on campus.

“The goal of getting more recycling and compost bins on campus is to reduce the amount of waste that will be going to the landfills. Landfills are constantly expanding into natural landscape, so by diverting a lot of the organics and recyclables from the normal waste stream we will be more environmentally friendly,” said Megan Sloan (‘21)

“We have been working over a year now to get this policy and program passed. So, I hope our students buy into it because in 2018 and 2019 our students should be accustomed to be environmentally aware,” said Lauren Londoño (‘19).

Since this plan is so unheard of, it will most likely be hard to implement. What they have been doing so far is spreading this idea through a lot of social media advertising to get the word out. Additionally, they’re making videos to try to get people excited about it.

A really great part of the program is that Seniors can sign up to get senior service hours by being bin monitors during second semester. Seniors can get up to 30 minutes of service hours per day. The job consists of standing out by the bins at lunch and showing students where they should be throwing away their waste. Signs will also be present telling whether your trash should go into recycling, compost, or landfill.

This program is an amazing to start have students be aware of what their waste does to the environment and how they can help make a difference.Through this, Amador hopes to better its campus and educate students on the importance of controlled waste.