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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The changing face of Black Friday: New trends, new strategies

With the annual Black Friday deals hitting stores, the nation is slowly witnessing a change in the shopping landscape. Online retail stores rise in dominance as in-store crowds fade, reshaping the experience across the nation.

Beyond a change in venue, Black Friday’s digital shift means navigating a page of algorithms and personalized recommendations. With a few clicks, consumers have access to a diverse marketplace, amplifying the allure for individualized bargains and simplifying their experience with a simple click.

“I remember the times when people used to stay out till midnight at stores and run towards whatever they wanted, but that culture is slowly dying out. I heard from a lot of people that despite many going to shops in lines, there was no fun or chaos that the previous Black Fridays had,” said Soham Belgal (’25).

People lined up for hours to wait for a chance at the great deals at The San Francisco Outlets. (Rishit Agnihotri)

In this digital era of Black Friday, retail shops use online platforms to control crowd flow. Exclusive digital deals and timed promotions replace the once-chaotic rush, allowing major retailers to manage physical consumer flow. Shops like Walmart and Best Buy implement robust staff control and assistance around the store, providing buyers with a more organized shopping experience.

“When I went shopping, what surprised me was how controlled the lines and crowds were. There were people all around the store getting tended to while also standing at the door, which I guess helped control a lot of crowds as it seemed like there was a very small chance of things going wrong,” said Rachna Agnihotri, Black Friday Consumer.

Locally, shops opened up their deals earlier in the week by promoting high-selling goods at a discounted price. Places like Forever 21 and Amazon offered deals at the beginning of Thanksgiving Week, while other stores waited to release large-scale goods on Black Friday.

With hundreds of people rolling into stores, cars caused much traffic on the roads as they waited for a parking spot to open up. (Rishit Agnihotri)

“Personally, I loved going out to shop for once and seeing the things I was buying before I actually got them. My parents had shopped for their things earlier in the week at the San Francisco Outlet, but I went shopping on Friday at Best Buy. I think it’s good to let shoppers come at any time of the week, but it does take away from the Black Friday feeling special,” said Sarvesh Sivaraman (’26).

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