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Lush Halloween: Limited edition bath bombs collection released in 2023

Eva Carranza
The Ghostie bath bomb, is a part of Lush’s 2023 Limited Edition Halloween Bath Bomb Collection.

Filled with the aroma of violet, rosemary, and lavender, Lush, a handmade cosmetics company, has recently released Halloween-inspired bath bombs. The 2023 Halloween bath bomb collection ranges from ghosts to pumpkins to get customers into the Halloween spirit.

Location and Setting

Lush is located on the first floor of the Stoneridge Mall, near the Apple Store. The employees at Lush express kindness while welcoming customers as they approach the store. As a cosmetic company, Lush also sells perfume, shower gel, and hair/skincare products. But it’s famous for its wide variety of colorful bath bombs. 

The Limited Edition 2023 Halloween Bath Bomb  Collection

The Ghostie Bath Bomb ($7.50) is a not-so-scary ghost-shaped soap that releases a blend of vibrant colors when dropped into a bath. As this bath bomb hits the water, a popping candy begins to make crackling sounds in the water. It also releases a blend of the colors pink, purple, and blue. The bath bomb has lemon and lime oils and a citrus scent to add to the relaxing experience.

Pumpkin Crumble ($14.50) is a large, circular, bath bomb that looks like a carved pumpkin. The bath bomb contains shea butter and pumpkin puree, along with essential oils to enhance relaxation. When added to a bath, the pumpkin dissolves and turns the water into a vibrant orange color. However, the price for the bath bomb is a bit high, as other bath bombs at Lush tend to be below ten dollars. 

The Jason’s Mummy ($7.50) bath bomb is circular-shaped. The details are pretty simple, a design with two dots for eyes and lines across its shape to make it appear as if we’ve bandaged the soap, just like a mummy.. The soap has grapefruit oil, corn starch, and tangerine oil. However,  the smell the bath bomb gives off is unpleasant. The soap does not dissolve as smoothly as the other bath bombs do. 


All in all, Lush Cosmetics is an excellent option for clean, naturally-made products. The quality for the most part is great, but the prices may be more than affordable for many. Lush Cosmetics has been located in the Stoneridge Mall since 2017.  Given its variety of fun and unique bath bombs, there is no doubt that Lush Cosmetics will continue to release new bath bomb collections each year. 

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  • Jason’s Mummy, is another limited edition Halloween Bath Bomb that retails for $7.50.

  • Other than its 2023 Limited Edition Halloween Bath Bomb Collection, Lush sells a wide variety of products such as soap, lotion, perfumes, hair care, skin care, and even oral care.

  • The Pumpkin Crumble Bath Bomb contains pumpkin puree and shea butter to enhance relaxation.

  • Lush Cosmetics is known for its visually appealing displays of products they sell.

  • Lush, a natural-handmade cosmetics company, is located near the Apple Store in the Stoneridge Mall.

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  • S

    Shimon AraiOct 28, 2023 at 11:56 pm

    Is it homemade since $7.50-14.50 is an astronomical price range for a bath bomb… Great article though especially with the description of the three bath bombs.