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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Strikes galore: What changes are taking effect on the working environment due to nationwide protests?

Maximilien Kiyoi
Our local community has also even experienced strikes with the Association of Pleasanton Teachers (APT) and PUSD.

Workers from various industries, including the automotive and healthcare sectors, have taken to the streets, demanding improved labor conditions and fair wages. As the protests intensify, consequences continue to ripple throughout America as prices fluctuate and people notice the subtle lifestyle changes.

“I know the issue isn’t making headlines as much due to current world affairs, but the worker’s strike will probably have many longer-term consequences. People will slowly start noticing as car prices increase, it becomes harder to get appointments, and their favorite shows will be delayed,” said Sarvesh Sivaraman (’26).

The UAW, the union protecting workers in the car industry, started its protest on Sept. 15. The growing amount of workers striking against big companies such as Ford and Stellantis is increasing. Additionally despite coming to an agreement, the Hollywood Strike is still affecting the industry as  it keeps getting pushed back.

“This kinda seemed like it was going to happen after the pandemic as the world issues got caught up to the conditions of the workers. It just seems like the issue will keep growing larger as actors come in support of writers and bigger car plants join in the strikes,” said Soham Belgal (’25).

The long-term consequences of all these strikes seem to be slow to appear. While most of the unions are finally starting to progress in negotiations, the pressure is building. Writers in Hollywood are starting to lose their homes, and current workers in the car business are working overtime to stay afloat.  Kaiser Healthcare is seeing its growth of protest as nurses and other helpers demand for higher pay as doctors fall under more pressure.

“Ethically, workers should be getting more than they have, as their literal lives are dependent on their jobs. The real problem is the length of the time it took to reach negotiations, as the longer it takes, the more people get affected by it,” said Sivaraman.

The lasting effects of these protests will have ripple effects for the future while negotiations continue. With movies getting delayed and cars being more expensive, people will slowly start to focus on the fight of the workers against the industries.

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