Is it time to find a new location for Senior Picnic?

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Is it time to find a new location for Senior Picnic?

Emma Hodges, Page Editor

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Many seniors start the school year off with a big case of senioritis and an already much needed break. Students look forward to socializing with friends and relaxing at Senior Picnic, which is hosted at Waterworld in Concord.

“It was really fun coming back from summer and spending time with friends at a waterpark while it was still hot outside,” said Amador alumni, Demetrius Williams (‘18).  

Many students are happy that Senior Picnic is combined with different schools in the area which allows seniors to socialize with friends they don’t see everyday.

“I am looking forward to Senior Picnic as a chance to hang out with my friends outside of school and see my friends from Foothill, who I barely get to see,” said Bridgett Agulair (‘19).

Senior Picnic is a great way to celebrate the graduating class while taking a day off of school. Students get to spend time with friends, relax, and have fun during this mainstream event

“The main focus of Senior Picnic is to get away as a class and to develop camaraderie between classmates while coming closer as a class,” said Student Activities Secretary, Janell Ward.

Although the crowds may be overwhelming at this popular waterpark, many other schools in our area also join Amador at Waterworld for a much needed getaway.

“I think the crowds are going to be tough because there’s going to be lots of schools there and some of the different senior classes are really big,” said Malia Konig (‘19).

Even with overwhelming amount of students, many kids still enjoy the thrills of the waterpark and believe that it is a good way to cool off on a hot day.

“It was great that the rides and rollercoasters were fun but also really refreshing with it being at a waterpark,” said Williams.

Although Waterworld is definitely more for thrill seekers, some students don’t really care for the excitement of rides or for the water.

“I think it would be fun to have it at someplace like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk so that the kids who don’t want to swim have other activities to do,” said Agulair.

Others believe that changing the location of Senior Picnic would break tradition and cause controversy.

“I think that it’s a staple tradition for seniors to go to Waterworld as its been going on for so long,” said Kelsey Guidce (‘19).

According to Amador Valley staff, this so-called tradition has been going on for more than 15 years, and there has been no talk about changing the location for Senior Picnic.

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