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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


5 kids Halloween movies that will always be our favorites

As we enter the new fall season, many are reminded of all things warm and cozy, like fall baking, candies and timeless classic movies that make Halloween a season to remember.

Movie 1: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” always makes for a great watch with friends. (Anjali Bemarkar)

The 1996 film “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” brings many back to these cozy fall memories. Directed by Bill Melendez, this simple yet enchanting movie holds the hearts of audiences across generations. It all begins with Linus, who embarks on a journey to prove the existence of the Great Pumpkin hidden within a mystical pumpkin patch. The nostalgia of this film plus the iconic Peanut gang, brings viewers back year after year.

Movie 2: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another movie on the list of Halloween must-sees is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This movie displays an amazing array of stop-motion animation with a cleverly written script. Jack Skellington, the king of Halloweentown, grows tired of his boring and repetitive life scaring people. Boredom leads him to stumble upon Christmas Town, igniting a desire to take it over. The movie’s mind blowing animations ensured its place in the hearts of fans, who eagerly anticipate its annual return.

Movie 3: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus” is set in the spooky town of Salem, Mass.. Max, a new resident in the town, embarks on a chilling adventure with his sister and new friend. Together, they accidentally release three wicked witches, sparking a frantic quest to hide their spell books and prevent the witches from achieving immortality.

In “Hocus Pocus,” Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson wreak havoc in the town of Salem. (Anjali Bemarkar)

“I like it because it’s just, like, a tradition for me. It’s like Halloween. You’ve got to Hocus Pocus” said Nethra Parthasarthy (‘25) 

Movie 4: Ghostbusters

Set against the backdrop of the Big Apple, “Ghostbusters” became a treasured family favorite. The movie follows a team of scientists, portrayed by Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray. After losing their jobs, they uncover a portal to another dimension and make a deal to protect the city from ghosts. The film’s suspense, excitement, and thrill lured audiences, making it a staple halloween movie.

“I do have a memory of my first time watching this movie. We played Ghostbusters tag in P.E. in elementary school, and I was really curious about the movie, so I got my mom to watch it with me, and now I really like it” said Katyayani Nukala (‘25)

Movie 5: Halloweentown

Lastly, “Halloweentown” wove a spell of magic, witches, and valuable life lessons that captured the hearts of young and old.

A classic scene from the song “This is Halloween” from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Anjali Bemarkar)

“It gives, like, that fall spooky vibe you need” said Parthasarathy 

The story revolves around Marnie and her siblings, who have recently learned of their magical past. As they grapple with their newfound powers and face the threat of evil, viewers are led on a path of courage and self-discovery. 

These movies draw families together year after year with their tales of wonder and enchantment. Each movie has a unique take on Halloween while still bringing together people of all ages.

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