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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is a commemoration of its iconic original

Ashlynn Suh
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 shown in theaters September 8, 2023.

The third movie of Nia Vardalos’ My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released in theaters on September 8, 2023. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is the sequel to its original romcom in 2002, then following the second movie released in 2016. This heartfelt comedy trudges on a large family exploring Greece with a lack of knowledge of its culture. However, with the guidance of locals and relatives, they relish the adjustment from American culture to their homeland.

The Portokalos family has reunited yet again after the death of their father Gus, who was formerly played by Michael Constantine. They flew to Greece for a town reunion planned by their hysterical cousin who is also the mayor. However, once they set foot in the country, heartwarming family chaos erupts as they explore Greece before the long-awaited reunion. Tension arises as Toula Portokalos Gus’ daughter, played by the movie’s writer Nia Vardalos, begins her quest to fulfill her late father’s wish.

Unexpectedly, the Portokalos family vacation flows differently than they had anticipated. The audience are captivated as Toula is suddenly stalked by a mysterious man. Secrets are exposed as romance flourishes and a wedding is put on in a whiff. Nevertheless, it illuminates their trip all the more and they celebrate unknowing of the surprise awaiting them. 

Likewise in the 2002 original, Toula marries a white man and suppresses her secret from her family. This sequel once again embellishes on the theme of fear of disappointment from the family for marrying non-Greek heritage. The wedding held in the 2023 film commemorates the aspects of the authentic original. Qamar (a Syrian refugee) and Christos (a Greek son) attempt to conceal their relationship because they are a biracial couple. The film showcases the correlation between unexpected romances and Greek family culture. The Portokalos wanted their children to marry a Greek. On the contrary, the weddings display the family’s intimacy and their intent to do what is best for their family.

The film illustrates a journey through unlocking the individual affinity towards Greece and its culture. Although My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is judged to be inferior to the original, many reminisce on the adventures of the Portokalos family and its place in romantic comedy. There is no telling how many sequels there will be produced. Nonetheless, Nia Vardalos’ writing always succeeds in presenting a wholehearted family story to her audience.

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