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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Navigating new beginnings: Freshmen Orientation launches students into high school adventure

Hundreds of incoming freshmen attended orientation under the leadership of Amador’s Link Crew
Zaynah Shah
A group of freshmen eagerly explore the campus, guided by informative tours that unveil the vibrant lifestyle and opportunities awaiting them at Amador.

On August 9, Amador opened its doors to a wave of eager freshmen, marking the start of the new academic year and acquainting the campus with a cohort of its newest students.

Amidst the palpable excitement and subtle nervousness that often accompanies the transition from middle school, orientation proved to be a dynamic and informative event, helping newcomers navigate the uncharted waters of high school life.

“Freshmen Orientation is an opportunity for freshmen to find their classes, learn about Amador, and grasp how things work on campus,” said AV Link Crew Leader Una Son (‘25).

Amador’s Link Crew took charge of the event, orchestrating a variety of captivating sessions, interactive workshops, and social bonding initiatives. Their goal was to help alleviate the newcomers’ concerns and establish a solid foundation for their journey at Amador.

“When freshmen first entered the large gym, we were all clapping and cheering. We also went to each one of their classes in order to make sure they would feel completely comfortable on the first day,” said Son

However, orientation was not just about academics – it also provided a glimpse into the vibrant extracurricular landscape that defines Amador. Student-led clubs and organizations showcased their activities, igniting a spark of curiosity among the freshmen to explore their interests beyond the classroom.

“I ran the Journalism table during Freshmen Orientation. We offered Swizzles, a special soft drink blend with syrups. It was great seeing all the clubs connect with the new students in such an exciting and welcoming atmosphere,” said AVJ Business Manager and Orientation Coordinator Anita Ratna Gautam.

As the day unfolded, freshmen found themselves in an environment that fostered camaraderie and connections, having the opportunity to interact with individuals from other middle schools around Pleasanton and beyond.

“During the small group time, we made the incoming freshmen break away from their friend groups so that they could meet new people, introduce themselves, play games with each other, and just have a generally fun time in their new home,” said AV Link Crew Leader Shambhavi Singh (’24)

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  • Amidst the lively buzz, members of the Ukulele Club interact with incoming freshmen, strumming the chords of musical camaraderie during orientation.

  • Freshmen eagerly explore a vibrant sea of club stands, seeking their passions and forging connections during orientation.

  • A Link Crew leader enthusiastically signs up for a club, exemplifying mentorship and involvement during the orientation.

  • In a colorful display of scientific wonder, the Chemistry Club captivates incoming freshmen with intriguing information during orientation.

  • Amidst the camaraderie, Link Crew Leader Shambhavi Singh (’24) shares a moment of guidance and support with her assigned freshman during orientation.

The impact of the Freshmen Orientation extends far beyond its single-day event, as the school administration is dedicated to providing ongoing support to help these students thrive throughout the year.

“Link Crew consists of juniors and seniors who offer guidance to freshmen. Each Link Leader keeps in touch with specific freshmen, meeting monthly to provide assistance for any questions or concerns. We even have some of their phone numbers,” said Son.

In a nutshell, Amador’s Freshmen Orientation set the stage for a fulfilling high school journey. With informative sessions, team activities, and a welcoming atmosphere, the event left a strong impression on new students, boosting their confidence for the challenges ahead.

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