With Aerosmith going on their farewell tour, what has their impact been on the music industry?


Amogh Belgal

The drumset is one of the key components of the composition of Aerosmith along with vocals, guitar, piano, and bass.

Amogh Belgal, Staff Writer

Aerosmith recently announced their Peace Out 2023-24 Farewell Tour. This will be the tenth tour that this group has done. Peace Out is a North American tour and will be start off in Philadelphia on September 2nd and wrap up in Montreal, QC on January 26th. 

“Once I heard about the farewell tour, there were definitely mixed feelings about it. It’s always exciting for them to make another service to the fans [and] let people hear them live. It’s also really sad because they just won’t play live music anymore, especially since it’s a farewell tour,” said Shree Khangaonkar(‘25). 

Aerosmith is a popular rock and roll band that started in the 1970’s. They are one of the best-selling American rock bands of all time, rank as the ninth most successful artist, and third most successful musical group of all time. 

“Aerosmith has revolutionized the music industry by creating popular classics. You’ll still hear that music if you go through TikTok, Instagram reels or YouTube shorts. Much of rock music today has also been influenced by hits that Aerosmith has put out,” said Khangaonkar

Aerosmith has won a total of four Grammys in their fifty-year long career. Their music has been featured in video games such as Dead or Alive and GTA, and they have also been in multiple movies and late night shows. 

“Some of Aerosmith’s music is pretty timeless. They have three or four songs, particularly ‘Sweet Emotion’, that resonate with their diehard fans but also people that maybe don’t know the full catalog of Aerosmith,” said  AP World History Teacher Christopher Murphy

This American rock band has made a total of 72 singles to date. Some of the songs that have been recorded are “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”  

“Some bands situate themselves to be writing about serious political and social commentary, like the Rolling Stones And Rage Against the Machine. Aerosmith tends to focus not on big global political issues but more of relationships, love, and sadness,” said Murphy.

All five of the Aerosmith band members are over seventy years of age and continue to make music today. With nineteen released albums, their music has been known to be enjoyed by people of many different age groups and generations.

“They kind of pioneered rock music for a lot of other bands, and the fact that they are still performing to such an old age is inspiring to other bands as well,” said Kaustubh Lole(‘25).