Nate Clinton wins Boys Volleyball EBAL Player of the Year


Provided by Nate Clinton

Nate Clinton won the EBAL Player of the Year award in his senior year at Amador Valley High School, earning the award in back-to-back seasons.

Amador Valley outside hitter Nate Clinton earned the East Bay Athletic League Player of the Year following his impressive 2022-23 season. This marks the second straight season Clinton has won the award after earning MVP in his junior year last season. 

Clinton has won many individual and team awards throughout high school, such as the TV30 Outstanding Athlete award and an NCS silver medalist last season. He’s grateful for the recognition and honored to earn such high prestige. 

“My main goal is to do well as a team, but it’s pretty cool to be recognized and to receive the [2023 EBAL Player of the Year] award. There are so many players in the league that are really talented so it’s cool to be able to compete with that,” said Clinton

A big part of Clinton’s success comes from his leadership as much as his skill set. Teammates felt Clinton’s absence when he was injured early this season, but he bounced back and took the Dons to another level when he returned. 

“Nate’s leadership has brought us all together as a team on and off the court. We definitely feed off of Nate and he brings the team together and brings out a better version of ourselves. We all really look up to him when we’re struggling or need a little push,” said longtime friend and teammate Bryce Nohava (‘23).

Despite winning this astonishing individual achievement, Clinton credits much of his success to his teammates. He understands the importance of their guidance when he’s struggling and takes it upon himself to lead the team each game. 

“I try to keep morale high on the court. Trying to stay level and play volleyball consistently is what makes a difference in our performance. I try to keep everyone out of their heads and help them have confidence as a team,” said Clinton

Clinton has been playing volleyball from a young age and has improved many facets of his game since then. He has recognized many changes to his game since his freshman year, including the way he interacts with his teammates on and off the court. 

“My volleyball game itself has changed a lot after working on different skills. A big aspect of my game is how I communicate with my teammates and try to be a better leader on the court,” said Clinton.

Aside from his teammates, Clinton greatly appreciates the internal support he receives from friends and family that have supported him throughout his life.

“My family has made so many sacrifices for me as a volleyball player. My mom and dad especially do so much for me,” said Clinton. “I play for a volleyball club that’s about an hour away and they’ve driven me to so many practices and taken me to so many tournaments. I am so grateful for them.”

Clinton has committed and signed with Stanford University to play for their men’s volleyball team. Stanford head coach John Kosty is already astounded by Clinton’s character and passion for the sport, looking forward to the presence he will bring to the Cardinal next season.

“Nate is definitely going to rise to the occasion next year at Stanford,” said Nohava. “I think he’ll be an awesome teammate and will have a lot of fun. I look forward to watching him play next year and I’m excited to see where he continues his career in volleyball.”