What could a Las Positas Partnership mean for students?



This cite provides information about the potential classes Amador students can take.

Amogh Belgal

Las Positas College has always been a common destination for students in Amador Valley High School for both dual enrollment classes and taking extra classes.  With the discussion of uniting the two institutions, a partnership between the two is a possibility in the future.

“I think it’ll be another option for students to take a community college class for students who may not have transportation to get to Los Positas,” said Head Counselor Sheryl Pacheco

Two possible classes that Amador could bring are English 1A and Math 30. English 1A would serve as an entry-level college course, and Math 30 is the equivalent of precalculus.

“For an English 1A class from Las Positas, which is the college level course on your college applications, it would be considered a weighted class. The course also validates lower-level English. If you were a student that might have gotten a D in, say, sophomore English, the English 1A class would also validate that year of English for UC,” said Pacheco.

Students’ Involvement

Earlier in the school year, the school posted an interest survey which brought back disappointing results. There was simply not enough data and student interest to continue pursuing this partnership this year.

“I was curious to see if we could help those students not having to drive to Las Positas and to see if students might be interested in running something on campus after school, possibly during the day, just seeing what’s even possible,” said Joshua Butterfield

Currently, Amador has halted the process and plans to restart it in the future. Las Positas classes at Amador could be beneficial to some students, but until the word is spread, they will be put on hold.

“We’ll ask this question again next fall and see if there’s student interest in that being something that would benefit students and help them take classes that they’re already taking,” said Butterfield.