Boys Varsity Tennis Takes Down El Cerrito High in a Clean 7-0 Sweep to Advance to NCS Quarterfinals

Vincent Ma, Photo Editor

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  • The team is all smiles before their first round matchup against El Cerrito High.

  • Playing line one singles, Bryan Park (’23) gets the team amped before the start of their match.

  • Playing line four singles, Aaditya Geddam (’24) gets ready for his NCS debut.

  • Playing line one doubles with Anuraag Aravindan (’23), Roy Kim (’23) carefully prepares to hit a forehand.

  • Playing line two doubles with Vikram Murali (’23), Nigel Purvis (’24) strikes a clean backhand.

  • Vikram Murali makes contact with the ball after a serve from his opponent.

  • Vikram Murali and Nigel Purvis celebrate together after a quick put-away volley.

  • Aidan Doan returns the opponents serve.

  • Playing line three doubles together, James Heeter (’23) and Aidan Doan (’24) celebrate together after winning a point.

  • Aaditya Geddam sends a backhand flying back towards his opponent.

  • Aaditya Geddam brushes a forehand.

  • Aaditya Geddam tosses the ball up high to hit a serve.

  • Bryan Park leaps to a backhand slice to return a quick serve from his opponent.

  • Bryan Park tracks down a difficult ball and hits it above his head to stay in the point.

  • Bryan Park tosses the ball and leans in to serve.

  • Bryan Park rotates his torso into a powerful forehand.

  • Playing line two singles, Minsung Kim (’25) leans back to hit a serve.

  • Minsung Kim gets down low to hit a backhand slice.

  • Bryan Park drives a backhand across the net.

  • Playing line three singles, Aaren Sharma (’25) leans forward to hit a serve.

  • Aaren Sharma eyes the ball and gets low to hit a backhand.

  • Aaren Sharma discusses strategy with Coach Kevin Pope during a changeover.