The Warriors: 2023 season recap


Lakers end the Warriors season six games, leaving many to wonder the future for the Warriors.

Case Bahl, Staff Writer

The NBA playoffs continue as teams start entering their respective conference finals, but for some teams, their seasons are already over. The Warriors lost in the second round to the Lakers, 2-4, putting an end to an unusual season for the team.

“I’m glad I got to watch the Lebron and Curry go at it once again for possibly the final time, but it sucks that we [Warriors] lost,” says Aarav Kakad (‘24).

The Warriors went down fighting hard against the Lakers but were ultimately defeated. Stephen Curry was dominant throughout the series, averaging 26.6 points in the six games. However, everyone else on the Warriors struggled to contribute. 

“Curry was proving that he is the best Point Guard of all time, but like Poole and Klay were so garbage. After last year I thought we could repeat a ring but I guess not since no one wanted to play well except Curry I guess,” says Kakad.

The Lakers had comebacks for all of the Warriors’ plays, like making a tougher defense on Curry. Players on the Warriors like Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole struggled to help the team, leading many to wonder about their skills.

“That Draymond punch on Poole at the beginning of the season set the tone for this year. Nobody wanted to address it but that clearly showed that the older players and younger players were never going to be on the same page.” says Lakers fan Pranav Abhinand Iyer (‘24).

Warriors’ fans feel disappointed in this season compared to last year when they won the championships. There was a clear disconnect between the older core and the younger rookie players, leading to a lack of team chemistry.

“We are going to have to make huge changes with the roster. Literally, trade Poole, get an actual center, and give some players a pay cut and I think we can come back into contention.” says Mihir Kamath (‘24).

Now that the offseason has begun for the Warriors. Big decisions have to be made regarding extending older players’ contracts. Trading older players with younger stars maybe be the solution.

“This season was definitely not the best, but considering we just won a chip last year, I think we’ll be fine,” says Kakad.