Mother’s Day Gift ideas that will leave your Mother figures feeling special


Emerson Muise

Mugs and Flowers are great ideas for Mothers Day gifts.

Emerson Muise, Page Editor

Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday, May 14th. Mother’s Day gives children and loved ones a chance to show their appreciation for their mothers and all that they do. 

The key to a good Mother’s Day gift is the thought that is put into it. Finding what your mother or mother figure likes can make all the difference when picking something that she will love.

The classic idea always is to make a homemade card. The card is a very simple, yet meaningful gift to show your love. One can decorate the card with different colors and drawings, and write a heartfelt note inside.

Another option is Coffee Mugs. Mothers who drink coffee or tea, would enjoy this gift as it is something they would use very often and nice to have around. With websites like Shutterfly, you can even customize your mug with pictures. 

Flowers never go out of style especially not for Mother’s Day. With most grocery stores carrying all kinds of flowers at a relatively cheap price, it’s an easy gift if you are looking for something last minute. Flowers also pair well with a homemade card.

Another gift idea that will leave everyone in your house happy is scented candles. Lots of stores, such as Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candles have a wide variety of scents so you have choices for which one your Mom would like best. 

No matter the size or price of a gift, mothers love this day for the kindness and appreciation that people show them. Although it is difficult to think of something meaningful, it is worth it in the end when they have a huge smile on her face.