AV Stunt team reflects on their season


Provided by AV Stunt

Amador’s STUNT team performs a routine during the EBAL playoffs at California High School.

Mia Trejo, Staff Writer

Amador Valley’s Stunt team fell short against Livermore High School in the EBAL playoffs on April 25 by a score of 15-14. The Dons were unable to qualify for the NCS playoffs, finishing third place in the EBAL division to end their season.

To prepare for the EBAL playoffs, the team held practices every day as early as 6:30 A.M. to place a higher focus on technique, formations, and counts. 

“This season, I’m most proud of how far our team has come despite our losses. We have a strong team with so many talented athletes and I love seeing how we all improved over the season,” said Samantha Richards (‘24).

The team has faced many challenges throughout the season such as last-minute routine changes and working with a new team due to senior departures from last year. 

“The girls were able to live up to the expectations and be just as amazing as last year. I would say level six has been the most difficult for us this season. It is a new routine, but I am so happy with the progress and progression of skills,” said team captain Savana Harper (’23). 

The team had to adjust quickly to these changes in order to succeed and their routine to hit. Learning new skills last minute can be stressful right before a playoff game.

Head coach Fiona McHugh, a former cheerleader at Amador, expressed her appreciation for the team and based her final message on how close the players were with one another this season.

”The proudest moment I’ve had this season is just seeing the continual support between teammates. Difficult skills and wins don’t mean as [much] when teams aren’t bonded. I am continually proud of this team and the work they have done,” said McHugh.

The process to join is through tryouts. Tryouts usually start at the end of January. Students looking to join Amador Valley’s Stunt team next season are encouraged to participate even with prior experience with cheerleading. 

“Not any specific type of person is perfect for stunt because there are so many aspects to it, you can be talented at any part of it. People who used to be a gymnast or did sideline and [competitive] cheer in previous seasons, or even someone new to cheer entirely can be good at stunt,” said Richards.