Dani Kaur (’25) creates Productivity Key to help teens with time management


Provided by Dani Kaur, edited by Tejasvini Ramesh

Dani Kaur (’25) created @productivitykey to help teens manage their time efficiently. She shares her journey and future goals for her brand.

Savana Garber, Staff Writer

During quarantine, Dani Kaur (‘25) found herself mindlessly watching TV as hours and days went by.

Then a light bulb went off in her head. She realized she didn’t want to watch time waste away.

Motivated, Kaur started a project to better herself and work towards her dream future. Now in 2023, she has a brand called Productivity Key that features Instagram and TikTok accounts and a website that Kaur uses to motivate students and give them tips on how to become their best selves.

“I first became interested in productivity and self-growth during COVID because when school was online, I had a lot of time on my hands, and I was pretty bored,” said Dani Kaur (‘25).

Turning a vision into reality

Kaur’s interest in productivity and self-growth soon developed into her brand, Productivity Key. She first gained the necessary knowledge of productivity and discipline to work on herself to improve her own productivity. Once she found what worked for her, she established her Instagram account.

“I created Productivity Key because I realized that a lot of teenagers don’t really realize the value of their time and the potential that they have to be successful. I thoroughly believe that every teenager has the potential to become a big success in life.,” said Kaur.

Kaur’s motivational posts impact her friends and other students at Amador. As Productivity Key continues to grow, Kaur hopes her message will influence others around the community and around the world.

“Dani and her account push me to make progress in my goals. I like how her posts are a good mix of motivating content as well as advice that applies to a lot of topics. I think it’s awesome that Dani started this page, and I can’t wait to see it grow,” said Ariana Barik (‘25), a friend of Dani Kaur and a Productivity Key follower.

Future goals

While Kaur motivates and inspires others, she finds her own inspiration in envisioning her future self through her parents.

“My parents definitely inspire me,” said Kaur. “They inspire me to use my time wisely, and they motivate me to be my best self and try to fulfill my potential.”

At the moment, Kaur wishes to reach one thousand followers on Productivity Key’s Instagram and eventually release a line of merchandise. Down the road, she hopes to attend college, taking the skills learned from her brand with her.

“When I go to college, I want to major in neuroscience and I want to become a psychiatrist. And [Productivity Key] kind of relates to psychology and how your mind works,” said Kaur.