AV Junior teaches children’s dance classes


Sydney Queen

Schwarz tells her students where to stand for their dance.

AV junior Diana Schwarz has taken her passion for dance to the next level and recently became a working teacher at Expressions Dance & Arts. Schwarz began dancing at the studio when she was eight years old, and her knack for teaching was immediately evident.

“I’ve always noticed, even as a student, she was always that student who would help someone in the class. If there was a student that wasn’t getting the turn or didn’t have the timing, I would see her in the back corner helping someone as I was teaching. She just has a very innate ability of being a teacher,” said EDA Owner and Program Director Veronica Langford.

Schwarz started working alongside her instructors as a TA in 2019, when she was still in middle school. She knew for sure that she wanted to pursue dance education.

“As soon as I started, I knew it was something I enjoyed. I love working with the students and getting to know the teachers who I’m working under. I pick up different skills from all sorts of people that I work with, and it’s helped me develop my people skills and my organization,” said Schwarz

She continued working as an assistant for the next three years, until a former colleague moved away and the idea arose for Schwarz to take over her classes. Though a bit nervous at first, she embraced the opportunity with open arms.

Schwarz teaches her students a new section of their recital dance.

“I was shocked when I got offered the position to teach my own classes, because you never really feel like you’re ready for anything, right? But I got lots of training and was surrounded by so much support, so it was a pretty smooth transition,” said Schwarz.

From two-year-old tappers to eight-year-old ballerinas, Schwarz would certaintly have her hands full. She admits that early in the season, her younger students gave her some trouble.

“For most of them, this is the first class that they’re ever really taking. So they’re not just learning to dance; they’re learning how to be in a class,” said Schwarz.

Nevertheless, Schwarz is sure to bring energy and contagious positivity to every single class. Her aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere where her students feel free to truly express themselves.

“It’s always so much more fun to have a teacher who feels like they’re not only your authority, but also your friend. I try to bring that to my classes, because I want my students to want to be there,” said Schwarz.

 This attitude certainly does not go unnoticed. Her classes are always a source of engagement and fun for her students. She makes sure to build a special relationship with each and every dancer over the course of the season.

“It’s more interactive. I feel that Miss Diana has a better pulse on the students, and I think they really just respond better than other teachers [my daughter]’s had in the past,” said parent Gustavo Fernandez.

Schwarz plans to continue teaching at EDA for at least another year before she moves away to study English and History in university. Her colleagues are forever grateful for her dedication to her students and the atmosphere she creates in the studio.

“She’s just so hardworking and driven and smart, and just an amazing all-around person to be near. I’m excited to see what the future has to offer, but for now I’m excited that she is an Expressions Dance & Arts instructor, and all the students and staff are lucky to have her here,” said Langford.